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Computer Tips

Do you want to protect yourself from the bad things online without limiting the online experience? We have some day to day rules to help protect you while on the web.

1. When installing “free” software always read what you are saying yes to; many free programs come with added software that slows down your computer.

2. Always make sure that you are using a secure website when giving personal information. This information will be located on the address bar when you first visit the page.

3. Pop-ups are never a good thing but always pay close attention to what the pop-up says and what you are clicking. They spend lots of money trying to trick you.

4. If you see a “Virus Protection” that warns you of viruses on your computer, make sure it is an anti-virus that you have installed or that came with computer. If you are unsure it is better to be safe and not purchase something that will hurt your computer. Have one of us at KTS check it out and consult with you further.

5. Facebook is a great place to find old friends and new, but is also a place to find new viruses.  Things to watch out for are shared videos, links and pictures. If a friend has posted something make sure it is them that posted it. By doing that you save yourself from viruses and help your friend realize they may have been hacked.

6. One of the biggest rules is if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Every day, people are bombed with Ipad, laptop and 1,00,000 giveaways. Though this may seem like your lucky day, it is better off not to be fooled by them.

If  in doubt, you can always call us and we will be happy to help!